Watch Sword Swallower Lift Rosario Dawson With His Most Unpredicted Body Part

TBS’ Go Big Show

Watch Sword Swallower Lift Rosario Dawson With His Most Unpredicted Body Part

We have seen some mind-boggling acts on TBS’ Go-Big Show, but one of the amazing acts involved judge Rosario Dawson and a sword swallower, Andrew Stanton. You’ve probably never seen any act like this before.

Check out his jaw-dropping performance in the video below and see what judges have to say about his dangerous performance.

Sword Swallower Lifts Rosario Dawson

After coming to the stage, Andrew Stanton asked for a volunteer from the audience to be a part of his routine. All the judges were hesitant, so Snoop Dogg asked Rosario Dawson to help Andrew with his routine. Andrew proceeded with his performance when he started to tie the legs of Rosario with rope.

Snoop Dogg remarked that it seems like she was going to get run over by a train. Andrew asked Rosario to lie down on a mat while he attached a chain to her waist. After this, he stuck a sword down his throat to lift up Rosario.

All the judges including Snoop Dog were totally freaked out after knowing that he would lift up Rosario without using her arms and instead, he will balance her with hooks on his face, just under his eyes. “Is it over?” Snoop asked, looking like he was about to throw up.

Did Andrew Make It On “Go- Big Show”?

After Andrew’s performance got over, Snoop Dogg said, It was “hard to watch” and then it was “hard not to watch”. Andrew performed against a magician named Scott Anderson. Both of them received a score of 95 from the judges.

To know who will make it to the semi-finals, host Bert Kreischer flipped a coin. And as the outcome came in Andrew’s favor, he moved to the semi-finals. We’ll see him perform again in the next round of the competition.

Andrew holds a couple of world records. One of them includes most weights pulled with the eye sockets. Watch the video above to see him pull a car the same way he lifted Rosario. He also holds a record for the “longest piece of metal to pass through the nose and mouth.”

With the above-mentioned records that he holds, it is easy to say that he has a lot more up his sleeve for when he performs again on the show.

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