Venezuelan Singer Makes Nouvelle Star Judges Cry in His First Audition

Nouvelle Star

Venezuelan Singer Makes Nouvelle Star Judges Cry in His First Audition

Yadam Andres Guevara was 19 years old when he auditioned in the last season of Nouvelle Star Season 13. Benjamin Biolay, Dany Synthe, Cœur de pirate&Nathalie Noennec were the judges during season 13. When Yadam made his first note of his song “Crier Tout Bas” Nouvelle Star’s French-Canadian Singer Cœur de pirate could not hold her emotions and got tears immediately. Not only the because of the song but Yadam emotion and feel in voice made the atmosphere very emotional. You must be thinking What this song “Crier Tout Bas” is about? Read the below article to know more about the real story behind it.

Venezuelan Singer Yadam Andres Guevara Had Everyone in Tears During Audition On ‘Nouvelle Star ‘

Those who don’t know Nouvelle Star is the American Idol of France. Nouvelle Star is considered to be the highest-rated reality show on French TV. According to the Yadam this was a huge and important chance for him to audition for the Nouvelle Star. Earlier Yadam didn’t plan for the Nouvelle Star Audition as he came to France to represent in a contest known as “Sing in French”. Later he thought instead of returning back to his home country he should have to audition for the Nouvelle Star Season 13.

Yadam also spoke about the situation back in his home country Venezuela and told how people dealt with violence and hunger. As soon as Yadam starts singing our judge gets tears in her eyes not only this but Yadam also had tears till the end of his performances. He also told that he thought to quite music many times but little hope inside his heart keeps his motivation alive. Not only this but that little hope also takes him to the Nouvelle Stare Finale where Yadam sings “Halo” of Beyoncé. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the Season’s finale but he definitely wins the heart of the fans.

One user commented “Every time I see this performance I am in tears” while another user commented “This version is better than the original.  More than a year after I still love this video. Congrats Yadam.”

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You Must Be Thinking Where is Yadam Andres Guevara Now?

After Yadam’s Journey on Nouvelle Start gets over he came up with his own music label. This must be very hard for an individual singer to come up with their own original music but in the case of Yadam he gets lots of success on Spotify where his song gets 101.2K streams with 5.2k hours and listeners from 86 countries. Not only this but recently in November he also celebrated the anniversary of his first released song. You can also Check out the Yadam AndresInstagram Profile below.

He said in his Instagram post “Nada, no quiero decir nada sobre 2021 porque luego no sucede (haha) pero gracias merci thank you d’être là, por apoyarme, for streaming and sharing. Espero no decepcionarlos nunca. This is all i want 🖤🙏

When Yadam was asked during an interview that Does his parents still living in Venezuela? Then he responded with “He will bring them to France once he will have his own apartment”.

Not only Yadam but there are lots of such inspirational and Success Journey of an Individual are available which can give a purpose to do more and more hard work in order to get success. For more such Inspirational Stories keep connected with us.

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