Ukrainian Sand Artist Made Everyone Emotional With His Heartbreaking War Story

Ukraine’s Got Talent

Ukrainian Sand Artist Made Everyone Emotional With His Heartbreaking War Story

Kseniya Simonova earned praise with her unforgettable act showcasing a heartbreaking war story that made everyone emotional on the stage of the Ukraine’s Got Talent. Her fascinating and unique sand art won the hearts of everyone and that’s why she won the first season of ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’. See the unique performance that made everyone emotional and led to her becoming a world-famous sand artist.

Kseniya Simonova’s Unique Sand Art Had Everyone in Tears on ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’

After her two-minute performance to get selected for Ukraine’s Got Talent Semi-Finals, Kseniya thought of doing something overwhelming for her next act. She decided to display a heartbreaking World War II with her unique sand art which didn’t interest the producers before her act.

She displayed the eight-minute-long story of a couple who met during wartime. Her unique skill full way of drawing human figurines and capturing emotions was liked and praised by everyone. She drew a man going away to war and the women who were heartbroken during this time. The woman alone had to take care of her son as she awaits the return of her husband from the war. The slow music which was played before has been changed to gunshots and fires while Kseniya threw the sand all over the board. She drew many men who looked shocked and panicked while the white woman getting older.

The moment made many members of the audience starting to feel emotional and shedding tears as Kseniya continues into the final moments of her act.  At the end of her act, Kseniya drew a widow with her son. The overwhelmed and emotional audience stood up praising the act, giving her well-deserved applause for this unique act. Kseniya was successful to qualify for the finals. Kseniya won the title of Ukraine’s Got Talent for showcasing unique stories in every performance through her sand art.

Where Is She Now?

After she won Ukraine’s Got Talent, Kseniya is traveling the world and displaying unique and emotional stories through her sand art. In 2019, she also performed on ‘America’s Got Talent and also earned a golden buzzer for her story about never forgetting parents. She also made it to the finale of the AGT2019 and finished third place in the competition.

Kseniya then tried her luck in Britains Got Talent: Champions where she described a story of a young girl fighting cancer. She made Amanda Holden emotional and made her hit the golden buzzer for her amazing piece of sand art performance. She again finished the competition clinching third place.

After BGT: Champions, Kseniya went to give her audition for Romania’s Got Talent in 2020, once again winning the hearts of people with her unique and amazing acts. She is regular in uploading her amazing piece of the sand art performances on her Youtube channel.

With her emotional acts, she has been a dominant force in many talent competitions.  We can’t wait to see her next moving act in a talent competition in the future.

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