In An Awkward Audition, ‘BGT’ Contestant Serenades Amanda Holden

In An Awkward Audition, ‘BGT’ Contestant Serenades Amanda Holden

Some BGT contestants can’t control their love for certain judges. Take, for instance, Peter Raj serenades Amanda Holden with his own written song. Before the audition, Peter also shared that he has a crush on Amanda.

It’s not just the song that’s awkward-his conversation with Stephen Mulhern who hosts Britain’s Got Talent will also make you cringe. Watch his audition in the video below.

‘BGT’ Contestant Serenades Amanda Holden With His Own Song

Peter says that he decided to write a song for his crush Amanda two years ago and to perform on the stage of BGT someday. That prompted the host Stephen to ask him if he ever had any “naughty thoughts” about Stephen.

Stephen then offered to answer Peter’s questions about Amanda. “Does Amanda wear more than Chanel No. 5 to bed?”, to which Stephen replied that she slept “stark” naked. After that Peter asked if Amanda was “adventurous” in bed. Stephen nodded in his reply.

Peter asked, “Do you think Amanda would mind if I waited outside her bedroom window at night?” to which Stephen gave a weird look calling it “very awkward”.

Now, it’s time for Peter’s performance. After knowing that he will be singing a song for Amanda, BGT judges urged her to sit on the stage while he performs. Amanda agreed and happily went along with it without hearing the conversations about her backstage.

What Did Amanda Think of Peter’s Performance?

Peter’s song for Amanda confused the judges and the audience as it was difficult for them to understand the lyrics of the song as they had never heard it before. Even Amanda looked befuddled.

Simon was the first judge to hit the red buzzer along with Amanda’s buzzer as well. Peter’s performance ended with four red buzzers. Except for Amanda’s “yes”, all the other judges voted “no”. Stephen even said sarcastically that security would be meeting him at the door.

Amanda isn’t the only judge who is admired by fans. Many contestants that have performed on the stage of BGT have admitted that they have a crush on Simon Cowell.  Watch out for 12 famous examples of people who expressed their attraction to Simon Cowell in the video below.

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