‘AGT’ Judges Stunned By Opera-Singing Cab Driver’s Voice

‘AGT’ Judges Stunned By Opera-Singing Cab Driver’s Voice

One of the most amazing AGT auditions came from an opera-singing cab driver Carlos De Antonis who amazed the judges with his voice in the AGT, Season 12.

Carlos got emotional from the judges’ reaction to his performance. Watch his amazing Opera-singing performance in the video below and read more about this amazing singer. Feedfame.com has all you need to know about all about AGT.

Carlos De Antonis Auditions For ‘AGT’

Before his audition in the ‘AGT’, Carlos shared that he worked as a cab-driver In Miami but always dreamt to perform in Las Vegas. He shared his motto, “It doesn’t matter where you are, and this is your stage”.

He also told the judges that one of his taxi passengers suggested showcasing his amazing opera-singing skills in AGT. Heidi Klum, one of the judges after seeing his performance said, “I wish you good luck, and I hope that person was right”.

Carlos performed on Opera Turandot’s “Nessun Dorma” –a song by the Three Tenors. He impressed the judges with his powerful opera singing voice and his ability to hit high notes. Judges were completely awe-struck with his performance especially Howie Mandel who even stood up before the performance was over.

At one point, while Carlos was performing he closed his eyes and reached his arm forward as if he was holding a steering wheel and singing, prompted Howie to comment, “His hand’s still on the steering wheel.”

What Did The Judges Think of Carlo’s Opera-Singing Performance?

After seeing the cheerful reaction of the audience and listening to encouraging comments from the judges, Carlos broke down in tears. Carlos reached his arms forward and said that he was giving them his heart for these encouraging comments and reactions to his performance on which Heidi said, “We’re supposed to be throwing flowers at you!”

“You are so giving”, Howie said after Carlos’s performance, while Mel B commented, “brilliant”. All four judges gave yes to him making his way to the next round of the competition.

Carlos was born in Argentina and has performed in Germany and South America before releasing his album in 2007. Carlos also shared an incident where he broke both his legs in an accident and used to watch AGT in the hospital and had dreamt to audition for AGT.

Unfortunately, Carlos was eliminated in the Judges Cuts but that didn’t stop him from showing his amazing opera-singing skills to the world. He is active on Instagram and regularly uploads his singing videos.

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